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Entries from September 2013

41. Autumn/Winter 2013 Preview

September 30th, 2013 · Comments

With a disappointing summer now thankfully just a speck on the horizon, Joe & Ed take a look ahead at what cinematic treats await us at the back end of the year. From the biggest winter blockbuster to the worthiest of all Oscar bait, the boys have it nowhere near enough covered.  

Also, the film 'Alfonso Cuaron's Space Rhino' pitched in this episode is now under copyright.


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40. The Wire

September 27th, 2013 · Comments

Recorded almost a year ago, but now only just seeing the light of day, Joe and Ed sit down for a lengthy natter about David Simon's sprawling dissection of the modern American city in decay, The Wire. Because it was recorded last year, it's in the old format with the Top Ten included, so it's longer than newer listeners will be accustomed to, but the quality is high in this unusually focused episode.

As usual, listen, enjoy, rate and review!

Tags: Top Ten · Idiot Box · Themed

39. Top Ten: Season Finales

September 23rd, 2013 · Comments

With the monumental Breaking Bad about to come to a no doubt unpleasant end, Joe and Ed take a look at ten other great season finales. 

It's fair to say the this episode is pretty spoilerific. Soz.

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38. Adulthood

September 8th, 2013 · Comments

The boys have had a long break from podcasting over the summer, mostly due to Joe's getting married and being all grown up and stuff. Appropriately enough, being grown up is what this latest episode is all about, it being the third part of the Shot/Reverse Shot Ages of Man podcast series.

Joe and Ed explore everything from the post-college malaise to the mid life crisis on film, using titles as diverse as The Graduate and JCVD to do so. It's a good one.

As per usual, listen, enjoy, rate and review!

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