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Entries from November 2014

74. Interstellar

November 23rd, 2014 · Comments

Probably the most talked about and divisive film of the last few weeks, if not the whole year, has been Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. For its fans, it's a bold and ambitious attempt to use blockbuster filmmaking to tell a story of space exploration, love and quantum physics. For its detractors, it's an overblown mess that awkwardly blends mawkish sentimentality with pretensions of intellectualism. Joe and Ed were similarly divided on the film, so they decided to spend a whole episode talking about the film's merits and its flaws, and what they reveal about Nolan's work as a whole.

This episode features plenty of discussion about the plot of Interstellar, so if you haven't watched the film and don't want it spoiled, you'd be better off waiting until you have seen it. Unless you don't mind having the plot spoiled, in which case listen away!

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73. Days of Fear and Wonder

November 16th, 2014 · Comments

In honour of the brilliantly named Days of Fear and Wonder season currently being run by the BFI, Joe and Ed spend the latest episode talking about science fiction. They discuss their favourite sci-fi films, how some great ones manage to use big ideas to make up for low budgets, the reasons why the genre as a whole seems to be held in higher esteem by critics than horror, and the role that it can play in representing contemporary fears in fantastical settings. It all ends with a lovely little song as well.

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72. The Alternate 100: Part 8

November 9th, 2014 · Comments

After a bit of a break from the Alternate 100, Joe and Ed return to their pet project with renewed zeal for an episode that is heavy on V subjects. They talk about voyeurism, vampires and Vietnam, but also maintain a light touch by trying to make "fetch" happen, and debate the proper way to pronounce "coven".

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71. High School

November 6th, 2014 · Comments

This week, the boys are - much like Rodney Dangerfield - going back to school, with an episode that explores the teen experience and the perils of secondary education.

This whole thing was inspired by Beyond Clueless, Charlie Lyne's most excellent essay film about teen movies, which was a Shot/Reverse Shot highlight of this year's Sheffield DocFest. Mr. Lyne foolishly agreed to be interviewed at the festival and can be (just about) heard talking through his experiences making the film. The outro music this week comes courtesy of Summercamp, whose score for Beyond Clueless is beyond fantastic. It was recorded live at the Beyond Clueless after party and is therefore somewhat of an exclusive.

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