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Entries from December 2014

77. 2014 Round-up

December 21st, 2014 · Comments

2014 was a great year for cinema and a pretty good one for Shot/Reverse Shot. The same kind of terrible films got released that somehow get green lit every year, but you seemingly couldn't move for interesting, intelligent and entertaining films in pretty much every genre and at most budgets. Meanwhile, we put out more episodes than we ever have before, completed our Alternate 100 project, and sought to push ourselves and the format of the show as much as we possibly could. 

We've got great plans for how we can grow and evolve in 2015, but for the moment we're taking the time to talk about 2014: the good, the bad, the "why is Colin Farrell riding a flying horse?" We also find time to talk about what a fantastic year it was for comedy on television, and chart the ways in which movie marketing went completely insane in 2014.
Thank you all for listening this year. Stay safe over the holidays and we'll see you in the New Year!

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76. The Alternate 100: Part 10

December 15th, 2014 · Comments

And now/the end is near/and so we face/the final top ten.

Yes, our year-long journey through the undervalued and under-appreciated comes to its close and while we didn't exactly save the best for last - all 100 films could really be considered the best, really - we certainly go out with a great selection. We discuss time travel, basketball and (arguably) Jack Nicholson's best performance, and try not to get distracted by thoughts of Willem Dafoe in Morrisons. Enjoy, and remember: pimp-slapping Patricia Nixon into a china cabinet can be a sign of excessive force.

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75. The Alternate 100: Part 9

December 8th, 2014 · Comments

The end of the year and the end of the Alternate 100 are almost in sight, but there's still 20 more films to talk about before the boys can relax (or until they come up with another incredibly time-consuming project). In the penultimate installment, they talk about directors whose careers have gone in strange and interesting directions, compare a 1960s horror movie to the work of cult folk singer Daniel Johnston, and discus the angriest footsteps in cinema history.


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