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Entries from September 2015

111. Autumn/Winter 2015 Preview

September 28th, 2015 · Comments

After an unscheduled week off, Matt and Ed are back with a vengeance to talk about all the exciting and/or interesting films scheduled to come out between now and the end of the year. In addition to discussing whether or not they're anticipating the likes of The Martian, Crimson Peak, The Revenant and Spectre, they talk about the Emmys, franchises that Ridley Scott could revisit instead of the Alien/Prometheus universe, and whether all movie biopics are built upon the idea that "behind every great man is a great woman in a terrible supporting role."
Show Notes
00:00:00 - 00:08:56 - Intro & Discussion of the week's news.
00:08:57 - 00:55:32 - Matt and Ed talk about the films and TV shows which are going to be hitting screens in the next few months.
00:55:33 - 01:00:20 - SRS Recommends & Outro.

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110. Peak TV

September 14th, 2015 · Comments

Back in March of 2012, Matt and Ed discussed the state of television for the fourth episode of this podcast. Back then, they thought that people seemed pretty excited about working in TV, and that streaming might catch on. A little over three years later, they return to the subject to assess their mild predictions and consider the era of so-called "Peak TV", a term coined after FX President John Landgraf talked at the TCA tour about how there is too much good TV. 
They consider the meaning of that sentiment, as well the connection between the fertility of the American alt comedy scene and the current boom for American television comedy, which is going through a remarkably varied and fertile period.
Never ones to stay on topic, they also pitch a Rango/Django Crossover, muse on how unlistenable the Goldeneye score is, and try to expand into the area of audience participation.

Show Notes

00:00:00 - 00:11:58 - Intro & Discussion of the week's news
00:11:59 - 00:59:30 - Discussion of the notion of "Peak TV" and what has changed in television since 2012.
00:59:31 - 01:04:07 - SRS Recommends & Outro

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109. Star Wars

September 7th, 2015 · Comments

In the wake of Force Friday, which saw thousands of people going bonkers for toys for a film which isn't even out for three months, Matt and Ed take stock of Star Wars as a long-running franchise, a cultural monolith, and as significant part of their own personal development as film fans. 
Along the way, Matt discusses the justly forgotten Matthew Weiner movie Are You Here, Ed describes one of the most enjoyably crazy Star Wars Expanded Universe stories (it involves Jabba's Palace and disembodied brains!), and they workshop an ending to the pending Michael Winterbottom-directed Roger Ebert/Russ Meyer movie. They also pay tribute to Wes Craven, talk about how good Idris Elba would be as James Bond, and drop some deep Simpsons references throughout. It's a packed episode, all told.

Show Notes

00:00:00 - 00:19:20 - Intro & discussion of the week's news.
00:19:21 - 00:54:29 - Discussion of Star Wars.
00:54:30 - 00:58:52 - SRS Recommends & Outro

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