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78. 2015 Preview

January 11th, 2015 · Comments

Happy New Year! We're back and we're looking forward to what lies on the horizon in 2015 in our traditional preview. We talk about the films we're excited about, the ones that we're curious about, and the ones that are sure to dominate the cultural conversation for weeks and months at a time. We also highlight some TV shows that we're excited about, and offer (hopefully) tantalising glimpses of what we have planned for the podcast itself in the year ahead.

Tags: Michael BayWatch · Idiot Box · Preview

47. 2014 Preview

January 13th, 2014 · Comments

In the first episode of 2014, Joe and Ed pause to mark the fact that they've made it to 50 episodes, an achievement of sorts, that neither seem able to comprehend. Giddy with a sudden sense of invincibility, they announce a multi-part podcast for 2014, a mysterious series of episodes that will make up something called The Shot/Reverse Shot Alternate 100.

After the excitement of that announcement, the boys settle down to preview the year ahead, including sexy operating systems, six armed warrior angels and wisecracking CGI raccoons. In addition, tabs are also kept on cinema's least wanted, with 2014's first Michael BayWatch update.

As usual, listen, enjoy, rate and review!

Tags: Michael BayWatch · Preview · Alternate 100

28. Michael BayWatch: Pain & Gain

May 8th, 2013 · Comments

After it's wildly popular appearance as a segment in the 2013 Preview episode, Michael BayWatch returns as a standalone episode, in which Joe and Ed raise awareness of the threat posed to the public by Pain & Gain. Part review, part public safety announcement.

Stay Vigilant. Stay safe.

Tags: Michael BayWatch

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