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Alternate 100

The Alternate 100 is a year long project in which Ed & Matt select 100 films they feel deserve more attention than they usually receive. The list includes films that don't get talked about enough, films that are unfairly lumped in a 'genre ghetto' or are overlooked for bigger, shinier films. There is a simple selection criteria: Films listed on the IMDb Top 250 or the BFI Sight & Sound Top 100 are not permitted.

Part 1 (Films 1-10)
Part 2 (Films 11-20)
Part 3 (Films 21-30)
Part 4 (Films 31-40)
Part 5 (Films 41-50)
Part 6 (Films 51-60)
Part 7 (Films 61-70)
Part 8 (Films 71-80)
Part 9 (Films 81-90)
Part 10 (Films 91-100)

You can also see the full list all 100 films over on Letterboxd.
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