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Entries from July 2014

58. The Alternate 100: Part 3

July 28th, 2014 · Comments

In the third installment of the Shot/Reverse Shot Alternate 100, Joe and Ed shower another ten under-appreciated movies with love and affection. Along the way, they discuss Hollywood's historical and contemporary squeamishness when it comes to depicting inter-racial relationships, the ephemeral and symbiotic relationship between a director and a composer, and take time to share their weird, disparate memories of the year 1997.

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57. The Alternate 100: Part 2

July 21st, 2014 · Comments

Continuing their quest to celebrate 100 films that aren't being talked about enough, or at the very least aren't being included on other silly lists, Joe and Ed offer up the next ten films deemed great yet unappreciated enough to be included in the Shot/Reverse Shot Alternate 100.

As with the first installment, there's a nice mix of unheralded works by rightly heralded directors, cult oddities and an all-round appreciation for these Rodney Dangerfields of cinema. (Because they get no regard, no regard at all. No esteem, neither.) There's also some digressions about the rules of making monster movies, New York in the '70s, and a pitch for the most depressing film-to-videogame adaptation of all time. 
You can keep track of what we've talked about so far using this handy Letterboxd list.

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56. Separating Art from the Artist

July 14th, 2014 · Comments

Inspired by the controversy surrounding Gary Oldman's recent interview with Playboy, as well as long-standing debates over the merits of artists like John Wayne and H.P. Lovecraft, who held views that many people disagreed with for political or moral reasons, and Woody Allen, whose work has long been talked about in relation to the allegations of child molestation against him, Joe and Ed decided to tackle the question of whether it is valid to dismiss an artist's work because you object to their personal views or actions.

In addition to discussing the artists mentioned above, they consider the difference between considering the work of someone accused of a crime and someone who has actually been convicted, the many, many differences between Caravaggio and Rolf Harris, and whether overt racism in art is easier to contend with than coded racism. It's more serious than usual, but it's also one of the boy's shortest, sharpest episodes to date. If you like the episode, and the show in general, please rate and review us on iTunes.

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55. Community - Redux Redux

July 11th, 2014 · Comments

Dan Harmon's Community has been cancelled. No it hasn't. Yes it has. No it hasn't. Yes it has. No. It hasn't.

Such is the hokey cokey nature of the much loved show's future that even Joe and Ed can't keep up with it. This episode was recorded after the show's latest demise, only for it to be revived before the episode made it to air. Joe and Ed have recorded a special amendment to bookend the episode and take great care to not speculate any further for fear of having to record this all over again. And lets face it, that's not the first time this has happened is it?
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