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56. Separating Art from the Artist

July 14th, 2014

Inspired by the controversy surrounding Gary Oldman's recent interview with Playboy, as well as long-standing debates over the merits of artists like John Wayne and H.P. Lovecraft, who held views that many people disagreed with for political or moral reasons, and Woody Allen, whose work has long been talked about in relation to the allegations of child molestation against him, Joe and Ed decided to tackle the question of whether it is valid to dismiss an artist's work because you object to their personal views or actions.

In addition to discussing the artists mentioned above, they consider the difference between considering the work of someone accused of a crime and someone who has actually been convicted, the many, many differences between Caravaggio and Rolf Harris, and whether overt racism in art is easier to contend with than coded racism. It's more serious than usual, but it's also one of the boy's shortest, sharpest episodes to date. If you like the episode, and the show in general, please rate and review us on iTunes.