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Entries from August 2014

63. Autumn/Winter 2014 Preview

August 31st, 2014 · Comments

Now that the summer is over, it's time to look ahead and consider what the last few months of 2014 have to offer. Joe and Ed continue their annual tradition of looking at the Autumn/Winter schedule - with its weird mix of awards contenders, would-be blockbusters and unwanted films left to wither and die - and cherry pick the best and most interesting films that the seasons have to offer. Despite this clear, easy to follow structure, they still manage to get distracted by talk of Irish kickboxing, pitch a spiritual sequel to The Producers, and explain why Cameron Diaz's contributions to music should be scrubbed from existence.

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62. Online Criticism

August 24th, 2014 · Comments

This week, inspired by the ongoing devolution of mainstream film criticism into a swampy morass of multi-page lists, news stories that don't contain any news and are barely stories, and the general sense that engaging film discourse is being pushed further and further away from the centre of the discussion, Joe and Ed rail against everything they think is wrong with film criticism as it exists in the digital age. It's not all negativity - they point out some sites and writers that are doing great, intelligent work and praise the big outlets that use their clout to try to create a more thoughtful approach to the dreaded listicle - but it's mainly an honest discussion about trends in film criticism that they find troublesome and downright tacky.

SEO-Friendly Alternate Title: This List Of 114 Things Wrong With Online Film Criticism Will Leave You Speechless.

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61. Robin Williams

August 17th, 2014 · Comments

We at Shot/Reverse Shot were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Robin Williams last week at the age of 63. We offer this episode, in which we discuss what he meant to us and what made him such a special performer, as a tribute to a comedian who made us laugh, an actor who made us cry, and a thoroughly decent and wonderful human being. Rest in Peace.

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60. Knowing Too Much

August 10th, 2014 · Comments

Inspired by Escape From Tomorrow, a deeply flawed film with a production history that's more interesting than the film itself, Joe and Ed discuss the problems that arise when you know too much about how a movie was made. Does knowing that a film was difficult to make or had a compelling back story prejudice a viewer's opinion of the work itself? Can a gimmick like Escape From Tomorrow's hurt a film by making people overly aware of its mechanics while they watch it, or is it justified by the fact that people will be drawn to it? What separates that film from Richard Linklater's Boyhood (which seemingly cannot be discussed outside of the ambitious way in which it was filmed)? These are just some of the questions that they consider as they try to figure out how much knowledge is too much. Have a listen, and feel free to weigh in on FacebookTwitter, or by leaving us a review on iTunes. You can also listen to the episode on Stitcher.

Note: This episode has some audio issues resulting from problems with Ed's microphone. The audio is still listenable, and it's a fun, interesting discussion, but there is a background fuzziness that gets noticeably worse as the episode progresses. We apologise, and will endeavour not to repeat the mistake in the future.

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59. Marvel

August 4th, 2014 · Comments

To mark the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, the final film in Phase Two of Marvel's Cinematic Universe and their first attempt at making films that aren't strictly speaking about superheroes, Joe and Ed decided to see the film and then have a nice old chinwag about it, as well as a more general conversation about Marvel's almost unprecedented success over the last six years. 

Along the way they talk about what the film's success means for future Marvel movies, why the studio has had such consistent success where other studios have struggled to get their own superhero movies to achieve the same degree of critical and commercial success, and how Chris Finch from The Office is the real star of Guardians of the Galaxy. If you like this more timely approach, and if you're a fan of the show in general, please rate and review it on iTunes.

Note: We don't discuss much in the way of specific plot details in this episode, so if you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet you can listen without fear of it being spoiled. However, there is a slightly spoiler-laced discussion about the film's post-credits scene from 10:40 to 16:13, so if you don't want to know anything about that (relatively minor) aspect of the film, feel free to skip ahead.

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