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62. Online Criticism

August 24th, 2014

This week, inspired by the ongoing devolution of mainstream film criticism into a swampy morass of multi-page lists, news stories that don't contain any news and are barely stories, and the general sense that engaging film discourse is being pushed further and further away from the centre of the discussion, Joe and Ed rail against everything they think is wrong with film criticism as it exists in the digital age. It's not all negativity - they point out some sites and writers that are doing great, intelligent work and praise the big outlets that use their clout to try to create a more thoughtful approach to the dreaded listicle - but it's mainly an honest discussion about trends in film criticism that they find troublesome and downright tacky.

SEO-Friendly Alternate Title: This List Of 114 Things Wrong With Online Film Criticism Will Leave You Speechless.

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