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Entries from June 2015

Episode 100!

June 25th, 2015 · Comments

In this Very Special Episode, Matt and Ed convene in the same bloody room for once to celebrate the 100th episode of Shot/Reverse Shot! To mark the occasion, they took questions from listeners via Twitter, Facebook, and in person and endeavored to answer as many of them as possible. With such a broad brief, the episode encompasses everything from their favourite cinemas, snacks, scores, and actors, to in-depth discussions of Hollywood's odd unwillingness to cast gay men in leading roles and the slow death of "serious" cinema for mainstream audiences. They also finally reveal the fate of one-time SRS host Joe Gastineau.

Thanks to all those who submitted questions for this episode, as well as to all of you who have listened to the show over the last three and a half years. We really appreciate it and look forward to doing more episodes in the years to come.
Show Notes

00:00 - 01:57 - Intro & discussion of the momentous occasion.
01:58 - 1:26:21 - Matt and Ed answer your questions (assuming that you asked some)!
1:26:22 - 1:29:11 - Thanks & Outro

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99. Jurassic World

June 15th, 2015 · Comments

Much like everyone else on Earth, Matt and Ed went to see Jurassic World this weekend and they had a lot of thoughts about it. After talking about the death of Christopher Lee, they delve into their feelings about the first Jurassic Park, the deficiencies in Jurassic World's script, and why they on balance like the film even if they have massive problems with it.

Show Notes:

00:00-15:54 - Intro & discussion of the week's news.
15:55-57:10 - Matt and Ed discuss Jurassic World.
57:11-1:01:58 - Shot/Reverse Shot Recommends & Outro.
The essay by Stephanie Wittels-Wach that Matt mentions can be found here and it is a beautiful, heartbreaking read.

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98. Jaws at 40

June 8th, 2015 · Comments

On June 20th, 1975, Jaws was unleashed upon American audiences for the first time, in the process changing how people viewed the ocean, and how studios viewed the summer, forever. To mark this momentous occasion, Matt and Ed sit down to talk about the influence that the film has had, the ways in which it feels both part of the New Hollywood movement and separate from it, and how it relates to the work of Henrik Ibsen. And, of course, why they both really love it.
They also ponder whether a remake of Big Trouble in Little China is a good idea (and whether the greatest danger posed to it is a rewrite that makes Jack Burton anything other than a buffoon), and the true meaning of a Wookie life debt. 

Show Notes

- The Mark Kermode article on Jaws mentioned in the episode can be found here.
- Roger Ebert's original review can be found here, and his Great Movies feature on it is also well worth a read.
- The snippet of Spielberg heard at the start of the episode is taken from this fascinating video in which he, along with character actor Joe Spinelli, watch the 1976 Oscar nominations.

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97. Doc/Fest 2015, Or, Matt and Ed Can’t Handle The Truth!

June 1st, 2015 · Comments

This Friday sees the start of Sheffield Doc/Fest, one of the biggest and best documentary festivals in the world and a favourite of this show. Unfortunately, for the first time in years, neither Matt or Ed are able to tend this year due to other commitments and the Atlantic Ocean, respectively. To commiserate, they talk about what they love about Doc/Fest, then use that as an opportunity to talk about different strains of documentary filmmaking, such as activist docs like Blackfish and rock docs like Made of Stone, and the ways in which Netflix has altered the landscape for documentary distribution. They also introduce a new feature, whereby they recommend a different film or television related thing that they feel would enrich your lives.

And, as with last week, they are still taking questions for the 100th episode, so please submit them via TwitterFacebook, or email (best to use before June 13th. If you want to go the extra mile, then please submit them as an audio file (you can record them as voice memos on most phones) and we'll play them as part of the episode.

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