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97. Doc/Fest 2015, Or, Matt and Ed Can’t Handle The Truth!

June 1st, 2015

This Friday sees the start of Sheffield Doc/Fest, one of the biggest and best documentary festivals in the world and a favourite of this show. Unfortunately, for the first time in years, neither Matt or Ed are able to tend this year due to other commitments and the Atlantic Ocean, respectively. To commiserate, they talk about what they love about Doc/Fest, then use that as an opportunity to talk about different strains of documentary filmmaking, such as activist docs like Blackfish and rock docs like Made of Stone, and the ways in which Netflix has altered the landscape for documentary distribution. They also introduce a new feature, whereby they recommend a different film or television related thing that they feel would enrich your lives.

And, as with last week, they are still taking questions for the 100th episode, so please submit them via TwitterFacebook, or email (best to use before June 13th. If you want to go the extra mile, then please submit them as an audio file (you can record them as voice memos on most phones) and we'll play them as part of the episode.
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