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108. Evolution

August 31st, 2015

This week's episode finds Matt & Ed discussing evolution. Not the actual scientific theory, but the ways in which artists change over the course of their careers, and how changes in an artist's style or genre impact their relationship with their audience. They also take the opportunity to talk about how their own tastes have changed, Matt coins the most baffling campaign slogan ever, and Ed has some choice words for Peter Bogdanovich.

Show Notes

00:00:00 - 00:18:08 - Intro and discussion of this week's news.
00:18:19 - 00:52:45 - Matt and Ed discuss how artists evolve over the course of a career, and how their own tastes have changed over time.
00:52:46 - 00:57:02 - SRS Recommends and Outro
Here is a link to the interview with Quentin Tarantino discussed in the News segment.
- The Paul Haggis film Ed was thinking of was Third Person.