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116. Halloween Special 2015

November 2nd, 2015

It's a veritable Werewolf Bar Mitzvah this week as Matt and Ed tackle things both spooky and scary. After discussing some not especially frightening news (unless you find the prospect of an all-female Ocean's Eleven unduly threatening, in which case get over it), they talk about Charlie Lyne's new documentary Fear Itself (which is available exclusively on the BBC iPlayer), before engaging in a more general natter about terrifying moments in otherwise benign movies, their favourite horror films, and why foreign language horror films are sometimes more evocatively scary than English language ones. There's also some nonsense in there about Komodo dragons.

The Deadspin article Ed mentions in the SRS Recommends segment can be found here.
00:00:00 - 00:16:42 - Intro & Discussion of the week's news
00:16:43 - 00:24:45 - Matt and Ed talk about Fear Itself
00:24:46 - 00:48:52 - Discussion of scary moments in non-horror movies, favourite horror movies, and foreign language horror
00:48:53 - 00:55:02 - SRS Recommends, Outro, and a spooky musical treat

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