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132. Hail, Caesar! and The Coen Brothers

March 14th, 2016

To commemorate the release of Hail, Caesar!, which hit UK cinemas this week, Matt and Ed offer their thoughts on the film before going on to discuss the work of Joel and Ethan Coen more generally. In between talking about the brothers' pet themes, their relationship to classic cinema, and the notion of "moral authority" in their films, Matt describes a fever dream that maybe involves Dolph Lundgren, reveals an inside scoop on Harry Styles' acting experience, and the two discover/half-remember the most baffling film ever made.

00:00:00 - 00:14:15 - Intro & News
00:14:16 - 00:27:10 - Review of Hail, Caesar!
00:27:11 - 00:51:42 - Discussion of the Coen Brothers' work in general
00:51:43 - 00:55:57 - SRS Recommends & Outro

- Here is a link to the WOL Project, as mentioned during the SRS Recommends segment:
- Here is the Tasha Robinson article on the Coen Brothers and morality that Ed mentions
- Correction: Ed at one point says that No Country For Old Men is part of the Coens' "Idiot Trilogy" when he meant O Brother, Where Art Thou.
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