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135. True Crime

April 4th, 2016

To mark the end of the first season of American Crime Story and the second season of Serial, Matt and Ed sit down to discuss True Crime in film and television. In addition to talking about some of their favourite works of documentary filmmaking and creative non-fiction, they ponder the snobbery that exists around the genre, the difference between true crime as exploitation and true crime as activism, and investigate the reason for its sudden resurgence. They also discuss Batman v Superman's terrible second weekend box office, pitch some ideas for sequels Harrison Ford could star in after Blade Runner 2 wraps, and wonder just how much more depraved the characters on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia can possibly get now that they've been renewed for their 13th and 14th seasons.

00:00:00 - 00:15:21 - Intro & News

00:15:22 - 00:43:51 - Discussion of True Crime in film and television
00:43:52 - 00:51:39 - SRS Recommends and Outro