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142. Disastrous Movies

June 6th, 2016

Inspired by the Internet's less than Zen response to the announcement that Star Wars: Rogue One is undergoing reshoots, a story which has inspired some of the most furious handwringing since the last round of Star Wars rumours, Matt and Ed talk about why reshoots are not necessarily a bad thing, then go on to discuss troubled film productions in general; the ones that produced classics, the ones that resulted in forgotten films, and the ones that fall somewhere in between. They also reminisce about the terrible King Kong ride at Universal Studios, tentatively celebrate the possibility that Captain Marvel and the next Bond film may be directed by women, and chart a potential John Carney Apology Spiral.

00:00:00 - 00:18:03 - Intro & News
00:18:04 - 00:55:28 - Matt & Ed discuss the Rogue One reshoots and troubled film productions
00:55:29 - 01:01:05 - SRS Recommends & Outro