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330. Clifford (1994)/Black Bear (2020)

May 16th, 2021

This week we're trying out a new format, as Emily and Ed bring in films that they've seen recently and found interesting, and try to find some common ground between them, or at the very least use them as jumping off points for conversation.

In this inaugural episode, Ed brings Clifford, the notorious comedy in which Martin Short plays a 10-year old who terrorizes his uncle (played by a "never more vexed" Charles Grodin), and Emily brings Black Bear, the recent indie drama in which Aubrey Plaza goes to a cabin and...things happen. From there, they discuss films that are unafraid to alienate audiences, actors who look eerily similar, and how the pandemic has shaped the way they view movies.

They also discuss the recent turmoil around the Golden Globes, and whether the world's least essential awards body can survive not being televised.

00:00:00 - 00:11:58 - Intro & News

00:11:59 - 00:45:08 - Emily & Ed discuss Clifford and Black Bear

00:45:09 - 00:49:35 - SRS Recommends & Outro

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