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9. Blockbusters

July 12th, 2012

This month sees Joe and Ed take a look at the mega bucks flash bang wallop world of the Hollywood blockbuster. Neither are  particularly enamoured with the form and what follows is about 50% critique, 50% bile. They talk about the devolution of the blockbuster, unfairly compare Transformers 2 to Jaws (repeatedly) and then, for the sake of 'balance' run down the 10 best blockbusters since The Matrix, which turns out to be harder than it sounds.

Along the way, Ed relives the nightmare of The Avengers (not that one, the 1999 one) and Joe  admits to not really understanding what happens in Batman Begins.

When you spend a whole podcast arguing that modern blockbusters are bloated, overlong and preposterous, it's quite something to realise you've turned in an episode that runs to nearly 2 hours. So, strap yourself in for an episode of epic proportions!