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44. TV vs. Film Debate

November 4th, 2013

The debate over whether television or film is the superior medium has been going on for many decades at this point, but it seems to have flared up a lot recently owing to television's perceived edge in terms of storytelling quality during its "Golden Age" and cinema's perceived slump at around about the same time. The boys decided that it was time someone waded in to this mess and tried to sort it all out, or at least spend an episode of a podcast deriding people who even take part in the debate.

This is one of our leaner episodes, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for some prime cut nonsense, so look forward to wild speculation on how Gravity might work as a TV show (spoiler: It wouldn't), how Peter Jackson might have directed Game of Thrones as a film series, and the many ways in which Shot/Reverse Shot is like a 19th century workhouse.

On a more serious note, this episode is dedicated to the memory of Emma Davies, Ed's younger sister, who died suddenly last week following an accident. She loved films and television, and was a big supporter of the podcast, so this episode is our small tribute to her.

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